The Iktom

Spiders feature prominently in Ehdrigohr. Reality is seen to be a great, intricate web inside a “Great Hoop”. This Hoop turns and is the force of time and everything happens within its turning. Two forces maintain the Great Web (also called the Weave or the Skein). These forces are the Weaver and the Spinner. They are the first creations of WhatMoves and they, in turn created the Iktom. The Iktom are powerful entities that maintain the thematic and conceptual foundations of existence. They are said to be the absolute masters of the mysteries known as the Essences (Space, Weave, Truth, and Moment) and use them to keep the realms from unraveling.

The Iktom live in “Folds” and “Looms” which are extradimensional spaces between the traveling lands that are typically accessed through places of extreme nature (caves, deep woods, a water fall). From time to time an Iktom will reach out to weave a person into one of their tapestries, twisting and turning their fate, as they see fit. This is where the term “Woven” comes from which people use to refer to a hero or heroine of great power who seems to lead a blessed life filled with luck.

In addition to the powerful Iktom there are the lesser iktom shown in the image below. They are ultimately related to the Iktom and share some of their responsibilities but directly in relation to nature. Said to have come about as an agreement with The Weaver, Spinner, and BryahdWhoShapesEarth.

A selection of lesser Iktom of Ehdrigohr.

The story goes that Bryahd was populating the lands with her peoples of four and six legs, and had the winged ones who represented M’py Toh WhoMovesSky. The Spinner and Weaver liked what she made for the world and asked if they could help her create people who would maintain the mysteries of the earth and always remind all of the people of their connection to Hoop and Web and everything within it. Bryahd agreed, and together they created the lesser iktom.

These creatures are considered to be wakan by most of the peoples across Ehdrigohr. Some are fearsome. Some are timid. Some provide for the people. Some tend to the earth. They are all basically animals for which the people maintain a great deal of respect

Allen Turner

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  1. I love this. My wife would hate it 🙂
    I especially like the obvious Native American influence. Your creation myth is fantastic and if I had to pick a favorite from the pic I think it would be the Constellation Fisher. I picture her (assuming it’s a she) with her legs wrapped protectively around the Earth as it spins on her thread. It’s refreshingly unusual to see someone who not only respects and reveres spiders, but who uses them in a pantheon. Much love.

    • Thanks for the good words. 🙂 The world is a place of myth and folklore which I’m trying to weave in and around every portion of it. Hopefully you’ll find more that you like.

      -Allen T.

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