Of the Graces and the Sorrows

The Four Thunders

What follows is an excerpt from the cosmology section of Ehdrigohr the Roleplaying Game. Sorrows and Graces During the War of Sorrows it is said that Ok’O-wi chose 12 of her greatest companion spirits to lead her armies across the world. Though powerful, these spirits existed as intermediaries and as …

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Organizations of Ehdrigohr, pt 5

The Dul Ah’gallan Of the creatures that bring strife to the worlds of men, the Dul Ah’gallan stand head and shoulders above all others as the most fear inspiring. Known by many names across the lands (Barrow lord and headsmen being the most common), the Dul Ah’gallan were all once …

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Organizations of Ehdrigohr, pt. 4

While there a number of groups, like the Great Societies, that work to make the world a better place, there are also those forces that strive for altogether more terrible possibilities. These next few posts will explore the most prominent of the forces of darkness. They are the more commonly …

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