Ife StormCrow

Ife StormCrow is the alternate persona for experienced designer, play maker, storyteller, artist, author, and performer Allen Turner who has been involved in storytelling, movement, and education most of his adult life. He believes in the power of play and story as fundamental, powerful medicines which shape our sense of self, relationships, and our connection to the cosmos.

As a Ife StormCrow, Allen enjoys exploring the narrative power of dance as a space of personal ritual and transformation via various forms of folkloric dance. His motions celebrate all of his heritages and experiences with various teaches becoming a fluid blend of Raqs Sharqi, Butoh, West African dance, and North American Men’s Traditional and Omaha (Grass) dances.

Whenever Ife StormCrow is on stage the experience is a space holding ritual that aims to take the audience on a journey of release and transformation.

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