Dancing Challenge Musings for the first day of Earth.

Labyrinth at Mandala Gardens

Returnings and Turnings of the Hoop These dance musing posts are following about 5 days behind when I put them up in the Facebook group for the challenge I’m participating in. I decided to share them on my blog too, if only to get a flow of thought and to …

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Playing Ehdrigohr with the OneShot Podcast crew

There are a lot of new people discovering Ehdrigohr, and asking about the processes of playing it and a Fate game in general, so I thought I’d post links to this podcast, called the Oneshot Podcast, where I did last an Ehdrigohr session year (2014) in December.

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Runs the Rabbit, Bleeds the Sky

What follows is the narrative setup for the next Ehdrigohr adventure entitled “Runs the Rabbit, Bleeds the Sky” which will be playable as a sequel to Red Dog, Hungry Dreams or as standalone adventure. It takes place mostly in the Beyduuni Wastes and among the forgetowns of the Salduun empire.

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