Dancing Challenge Musings for the first day of Earth.

Returnings and Turnings of the Hoop

These dance musing posts are following about 5 days behind when I put them up in the Facebook group for the challenge I’m participating in. I decided to share them on my blog too, if only to get a flow of thought and to restore a habit of writing to it. I’m still here. It’s been a slow and tumultuous time.

I am still creating. There are creations to be unveiled soon. If you poke around the website you can already see the creation that is coming even though I haven’t yet pointed anyone specifically at it. Ehdrigohr continues to take me on a wondrous journey through myself and the world and more comes from it soon too.


Labyrinth at Mandala Gardens

Labyrinth at Mandala Gardens

Day 1 of Earth

Danced in Chicago.

Earth beneath me receives and supports my rhythms and steps. It accepts my tremors and frustrations, my stomps, my shouts. It catches me and hold me till I rise again. It is contained in my embraces, and gives ever renewed experience to my touch.

It holds my breath in place, creating atmosphere for my survival. It spews lava for me creating new islands in the waters for me to dance upon.

It receives lightning and sends it back up, illuminating my darkness if but for a moment, making clear my direction changes before I descend back into the darkness.

It receives my tears and bears fruit from their nourishment.

It receives me in illness and in health when others would dismiss me or take umbrage at my ill-humours. It knows that I am in transition and will wait for my calm. It sees me and moves the winds around me urging me again to just breathe. It doesn’t give lip service to compassion. It is compassion and it is rage. It regenerates, and regenerates me.

When I need to hold space for life, it creates a valley from my heart. When I need to stand my ground, it raises that same heart into a mountain. It is stalwart and helps me to find and be my own foundation.

Both mother and father, womb and seed, it moves me through forms that seem static until one blinks…

and discovers…

I have changed.

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