Dancing Challenge Musings for the Second Day of Earth

My Day 2 Challenge thoughts:

I struggled with this this morning lumbering around trying to find a fluid motion from the ground. My bones protested and I gave in and allowed my motion/dance to be simply walking mindfully. As I left the house I stopped to tie my shoes. As I knelt to the ground I spied this beetle moving, apparently, laboriously across the ground. It made me smile. This Earth creature can take to the skies but opts instead to move in slow motion across the ground, digging into dirt and embracing roots. No obstacle confounded it. It persevered against stones and twigs that must have seemed enormous from its perspective. It just continued, trying, and adjusting, and course correcting.

At one point it climbed over the small bit of wood in the picture and flipped over into it’s back where it lay vulnerable. The burden it so masterfully carried all day now held it fast to the ground. I offered it assistance with a gentle finger and returned it to it’s feet. It paused for a moment and went about it’s business. I had become briefly part of its performance. We were a WE of Earth. Things both struggling with our own burdens.

My day was lightened a bit. I know I can ascend to the sky but the process of moving with my burdens across earth is a discipline of medicine as profound as soaring through any bright heavens. Thank you my beetle relative. You helped me with some foundation

Allen Turner

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