Dancing Challenge Musings for the Second Day of Earth

My Day 2 Challenge thoughts: I struggled with this this morning lumbering around trying to find a fluid motion from the ground. My bones protested and I gave in and allowed my motion/dance to be simply walking mindfully. As I left the house I stopped to tie my shoes. As …

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Dancing Challenge Musings for the first day of Earth.

Labyrinth at Mandala Gardens

Returnings and Turnings of the Hoop These dance musing posts are following about 5 days behind when I put them up in the Facebook group for the challenge I’m participating in. I decided to share them on my blog too, if only to get a flow of thought and to …

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Line in the Snow: Part 5

Screams and groans and shrieks seemed to be coming from everywhere. Sinnik’tok could feel a burning, turning, in his chest. His heart pounded in his ears and his breath had grown quicker and raspy, escaping from him in steamy plumes in the cold air. The cold north wind had picked …

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