Dancing Challenge Thoughts: 4th day of Earth (Mud)

Dancing thoughts day 4 (Earth transitions to water) My movement from earth to water actually began a day early. There was a certain dissolution happening and sediment was being loosened but the waters were so dark. Today I moved further up from the earth that I felt glued to and …

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Dancing Challenge Musings for the Second Day of Earth

My Day 2 Challenge thoughts: I struggled with this this morning lumbering around trying to find a fluid motion from the ground. My bones protested and I gave in and allowed my motion/dance to be simply walking mindfully. As I left the house I stopped to tie my shoes. As …

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Dancing Challenge Musings for the first day of Earth.

Labyrinth at Mandala Gardens

Returnings and Turnings of the Hoop These dance musing posts are following about 5 days behind when I put them up in the Facebook group for the challenge I’m participating in. I decided to share them on my blog too, if only to get a flow of thought and to …

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