Ehdrigohr Kickstarter Launched

The winter solstice is upon us and we enter the festival of lights.

In ancient times the people would, on this day, look up and around and celebrate those who have survived this far into the winter and into the longest night. Lights were added to the darkness and these beacons guided us from the sorrow of gray skies to the joyous laughter of love, community, and life. There is magic in the air and much talk about world’s end, but what really happens today is that new worlds open up and announce themselves giving us something to look forward to when the spring thaws come and the shadows retreat.

One world in particular waits for the proud and strong to defend it, bring witness, and cast songs to the winds. Listen closely and you’ll hear the drums for the Ehdrigohr Roleplaying Game is live on Kickstarter.

Come join the circle, offer your support, bring your spears, and prepare to become legends.

You can find it at

Many thanks to those who have helped and supported me to get this far.

Allen Turner

Writer, Storyteller, Game designer, Teacher, Dad, Table-top RPG geek. I'm just a dude who likes to share my wild imaginings. Follow me on Twitter @CouncilOfFools

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