Of the Graces and the Sorrows

The Four Thunders

What follows is an excerpt from the cosmology section of Ehdrigohr the Roleplaying Game. Sorrows and Graces During the War of Sorrows it is said that Ok’O-wi chose 12 of her greatest companion spirits to lead her armies across the world. Though powerful, these spirits existed as intermediaries and as …

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Playing Ehdrigohr in a Bar

I recently had the opportunity to run an Ehdrigohr game at the Chicago Dungeons and Dragons Meetup (which actually happens in Evanston strangely enough in a Bar called Prairie Moon). The adventure I was running is the starter adventure “Red Dog, Hungry Ghost” which will be found in the back of Ehdrigohr …

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Ehdrioghr Kickstarter Update #6

We’re maintaining motion. Ehdrigohr is climbing towards that “Sun Paints the Sky” goal and I celebrate it with a new update showing some art works in progress and offering up some music to get you excited. The update can be found at http://goo.gl/YGE7j Thanks for all the support and love …

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