Expanded Gazeteer for ereaders now available

So I’ve assembled a new expanded preview targeted at ebook readers.  Strangely it seems it’s so much more work to get something to look right as an ebook.  I’m sure this is just a case of me not being used to the process. I feel like I have to think of an actual ebook to be more like software. New possibilities for interactive fiction with them are bubbling around in my head.

In any case you can find it on Amazon or Smashwords. I’ve tried to support Epub3  and Kindle.  If you have any problems with them just let me know.

I intend for these ebooks to continue to grow over time as a get more comfortable making ebooks.  At some point it should also show up in the Nook store. So if you’re kind enough to buy one please check back from time to time to see if there is an update. Updates won’t just be edits to fix problematic copy. I actually intend to squeeze in some extras from time to time.

Lastly I want to offer discounts on the full game to people who buy the Gazetteer as my way of saying thank for your support.  More news on this later.


-Allen T.

Allen Turner

Writer, Storyteller, Game designer, Teacher, Dad, Table-top RPG geek. I'm just a dude who likes to share my wild imaginings. Follow me on Twitter @CouncilOfFools


  1. What sort of material is in the Gazetteer? The Amazon description is a bit scant. Thanks!

  2. Whoops, just found the preview at Drive-Thru. Didn’t do my homework!

    • Yes the version that’s up on Drive-Thru is a much more expansive representation of the game world and it’s free. The Amazon one was me trying to figure out Amazon and their weird pricing schemes. There’s an update forthcoming to it once I finish converting the book over to an ebook. Thanks for digging so deep in the site to find out more.

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