The Story Keeping Society of Rooks

In Ehdrigohr there exist numerous smaller orders, touched by the Graces and Songs, who serve the people in much the same way as the Great Societies. Though they may be smaller in number or access the things they do may, in some cases, be even bigger. The Storykeeping Society of Rooks is such an order that wanders across Ehdrigohr. They are favored by the Graces known as Lah-Oh and Mazda. The Rooks are holy librarians who keep stories upon themselves in the most literal of ways. The stories are mystically tattooed across their bodies from head to foot. Not just any story travels with the Rooks. They are keepers of dangerous knowledge and secrets. Continue reading

Runs the Rabbit, Bleeds the Sky

HareLeapWhat follows is the narrative setup for the next Ehdrigohr adventure entitled “Runs the Rabbit, Bleeds the Sky” which will be playable as a sequel to Red Dog, Hungry Dreams or as standalone adventure. It takes place mostly in the Beyduuni Wastes and among the forgetowns of the Salduun empire. Continue reading

Line in the Snow: Part 3

Strangle smoke

The sun finally disappeared behind distant mountains and the redness in the sky faded to blues and purples that were quickly washed over by a wave of gray clouds that ushered in a steady stream of falling snow. Four warriors lay in a circle, feet towards the tower and heads …

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Line in the Snow: Part 2

Urali Symbol

While preparations for the night were being completed, the sun descended further on the horizon causing the growing red sky to be reflected in the snowy tundra making giving the entire area a certain reddish/orange hue. The cold air had taken on a certain damp sharpness that suggested the possibility …

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