Line in the Snow: Part 5

Screams and groans and shrieks seemed to be coming from everywhere. Sinnik’tok could feel a burning, turning, in his chest. His heart pounded in his ears and his breath had grown quicker and raspy, escaping from him in steamy plumes in the cold air.

The cold north wind had picked up. It swirled snow all about them severely reducing the ability of the defenders to see the gathering horde of shivers that all of their senses told them were amassing outside of the tower’s threshold. Altogether it invoked a certain claustrophobic feeling in Sinnik’tok.

M’nwtsa maintained the traveling song without wavering even though they’d been singing and playing for what seemed like hours. The steady rhythm went a long way towards calming the nerves of the defenders as they shifted their attention around the circle looking for evidence of the creatures. Continue reading

The Story Keeping Society of Rooks

In Ehdrigohr there exist numerous smaller orders, touched by the Graces and Songs, who serve the people in much the same way as the Great Societies. Though they may be smaller in number or access the things they do may, in some cases, be even bigger. The Storykeeping Society of Rooks is such an order that wanders across Ehdrigohr. They are favored by the Graces known as Lah-Oh and Mazda. The Rooks are holy librarians who keep stories upon themselves in the most literal of ways. The stories are mystically tattooed across their bodies from head to foot. Not just any story travels with the Rooks. They are keepers of dangerous knowledge and secrets. Continue reading

Line in the Snow: Part 4

The first thing worth noting when engaging in the practice of stepping is that it is a very rare ability possessed only by powerful wielders of the mysteries and not for the faint of heart. Most people have heard of stepping  but few have actually seen it done, and even …

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