Ehdrigohr Traditions: Society of Crows

Welcome to the first monthly Ehdrigohr Traditions article.

What these Traditions articles will aim to do is give you particular info over different traditions in the world and how they use the Mysteries.  The info will also expand on rules already in the book and offer stunts and techniques that can be used elsewhere. Though they will often provide extra flavor when needed, these are intended to be more rules heavy.

The impetus for this is partly that there’s a ton of information that, for one reason or another, didn’t make it into the main Ehdrigohr book.  Mostly the reason was that the book was already getting too big.  In addition, as I’ve played my own game with a wider and wider circle of people and player types, I find that I  feel I over compensated on the side of making it easy to jump in and play and didn’t have enough to help you figure out the long game.

These articles and rules are also coming up because I’m deep in writing up adventures and some of those adventures are forcing me to grow info in particular sections of the world which, in turn, requires a bit more fleshing out of the various groups in play. As I flesh out and refine these rules and lore I feel like it’s a good way to get you all touching them and giving me feedback on what does and doesn’t work well for your groups before I fully commit them to the adventure modules and put them up for sale. Continue reading

Urali Symbol

Line in the Snow: Part 1

Happy New Year!

I know that’s coming late but I’m finally getting caught up on my writing.  This is the first big piece (aside from the next adventure) that I’ve been working on getting done. Below you’ll find the beginning of “Line in the Snow: A Celebration of Sacrifice” which is a story set in Ehdrigohr that details the gathering of a number of warriors to fight off the hordes of shivers in the “Long Night” in the wintery lands known as the White.

What’s special about this is that, aside from giving you a glimpse at a lot of Urali culture, it will be featuring characters made by backers from the Ehdrigohr kickstarter. This was an incentive that some backers opted for so I’m going to enjoy weaving the characters that I receive into the narrative. I don’t know how many parts this will take me to do. I’m just serializing it here on my blog and letting it take me where it takes me. When it’s all said and done I may gather it all together and publish it in a more normal book format. For now the goal is to try to get an entry up every couple weeks while Chicago dances with winter and provides me with many inspirations. If something catches your fancy in this narrative as it grows let me know. That’ll help me decide what I should be elaborating on in the next book.

Thanks to all of you who have endured my hiccups and stayed with me for the ride. It’s going to keep getting more interesting. Read on and I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Ok'O-Wi finds Sorrow.

The Story Keeping Society of Rooks

In Ehdrigohr there exist numerous smaller orders, touched by the Graces and Songs, who serve the people in much the same way as the Great Societies. Though they may be smaller in number or access the things they do may, in some cases, be even bigger. The Storykeeping Society of Rooks is such an order that wanders across Ehdrigohr. They are favored by the Graces known as Lah-Oh and Mazda. The Rooks are holy librarians who keep stories upon themselves in the most literal of ways. The stories are mystically tattooed across their bodies from head to foot. Not just any story travels with the Rooks. They are keepers of dangerous knowledge and secrets. Continue reading


A Little Bit of Cosmology

The excerpt that follows is a modified version of the cosmology section from Ehdrigohr: The Roleplaying Game

The cosmology of Ehdrigohr is important because it has a profound effect upon the traditions and relationships of the peoples of the lands. There is very little in the way of a dualistic viewpoint. instead, everything is seen as a series of relationships. There is no great punishment for most at the end of a lifespan. People are believed to be transient, ever changing, spirits that continually work to shape the world and return to a place of wholeness and balance. The Hoop grows through the experiences of the peoples and as such there is no sense of a need to escape the cycle though we can bring attention to and heal those places where the Great Web has begun to fray. The motion of Becoming is the goal. Stagnation, or interruption, of the cycle are seen as problematic.

Ehdrigohr is a world of lands and paths, not all of which are visible to the eye. Scholars have argued for ages about the nature of the relative realms. Many say that in some of them hide what remains of the B’te from ages long pass. The realms of Ehdrigohr are broken into 3 types – Folds, Looms, and Traveling Lands. The land that we know the most is referred to as the Waking Land as it is the place where we first open our eyes when the Four Selves are joined and we emerge from the womb. Continue reading

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